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Our Hash was founded by Colin Daniels (Lord of the Farts) and Roy Mills (Sexist).
They brought their hashing knowledge from Episkopi, Cyprus.
The first run was from Crowhurst on Jan 1994.
Besides "Lord of the Farts" five other hashers run regularly with the club.
They are Mud Wrestler, Muppet,Q Balls, Puss in Boots and Nine & a Half.

Firstr Hash

From LOF himself
In November 1993 Roy (Sexist) and I met at the Plough to discuss whether we should start a local Hash. Roy’s wife (Phyllis) was also present.  It was decided that we should give it a try and Roy raised the issue of women members, ie, should we include them.  I said no, but after a discussion I was outvoted 2.1.  So all you ladies who currently enjoy the pleasures of H4,  you owe it all to Phyllis !. I have to admit that the Hash might not have survived for 25 years if it had been restricted to males. 
 The background to all this is that both Roy and I hashed in Cyprus in the 80s.  This was with Episkoipi H3 which was a military hash/ men only and was also elitist,  in that it was restricted to Officers and civilians of Officer  status. I worked for the MoD and Roy worked for the Property Services Agency ((PSA)  On my return to UK I hashed for 6 years with the Wilton Hash, which was also based on a military base. This was also a male only set-up, but strangely we had a female midwife.  This was before the expression ‘gender fluid’ came into use.
Episkopi H3was  a competitive event with Teachers and Civil Servants striving to beat the military members.  Hashes were held in the hottest part of the day (early afternoon) .  The usual duration was about 45 minutes .  Beer was consumed in large quantities  after the run during which time the ‘On President (GM) would give a crit on his opinion  of the trail and the Hares.  This would be traditionally scathing and uncomplimentary whatever the rank/grade of those concern ed.  No singing or down-downs were involved.    Toy and I served as Joint Maters for ay ear or so.  I was Hash Words and Roy was Hash-Cash. 

More to follow.