Name Hash Name
Alec Niven Big Yin
Bob Watts Bag Man
Candida Campbell-Smith
Cathy Archer Radio Soap
Cathy Samuel Dic Doc
Dave Cordrey Breaking Wind
Dave Lewis The Late Dave Lewis
Dave Sandall Joy of Specks
Dave Watson Bumper
Dick Streeter Dick Nose
Doug Barr Iron Bru
Eric Duggan Flat Eric
George Fry Meths
Gill 'Connor Kling On
Graham Anderson Leatherback
Heather Cordrey Passing Water
Jacqueline Richards Chunder Woman
Jenny Palmer Thumper
Jonathan Pratt Flashing Johnny
Les Edwards Lone Ranger
Mark Clayton Dr Dolittle
Mary Edwards QC
Neal Dalgetty
Patric McNaulty Fire Balls
Paul Palmer Two Left Feet
Pete Parking Parking Meter
Pete Wallace Gromit
Rebecca Rogers Hot Lips
Rod Wright Teddy Bear
Simon Featherstone Cock Head
Steve O'Loughlin Kling Off
Sue Clayton Does Even Less
Susie Webber Dancing Queen
Tim Waller Grand Old Man
John Root